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Suds Out Laundromat
1555 S Kipling Pkwy F
LakewoodCO 80232
About Suds Out Laundromat
Suds Out Laundromat |1555 S Kipling Pkwy FLakewoodCO80232 | (303) 986-1672

Our facility is large and renovated so many customers can have a great experience. We want everyone to feel comfortable as they wash their clothes and linens. Here, you'll find several washer and dryer styles so you can work efficiently. While coin laundry has been popular for years, debit card machines and mobile pay machines are quickly gaining popularity. That way, you can do your laundry even if you forgot to bring your quarters.

We Offer Efficient Wash-And-Fold Assistance

To best serve all of your laundry needs, we offer many services to make everything efficient for all. Those who don't have the time to do their laundry can drop off their clothes and we'll take care of the rest. Our laundry services start with thorough washing and end with neat folding. Our goal is to make sure your clothes return to you smelling and looking fresh.

Our Laundry Machines

We use only the highest-quality laundry machines at Suds Out Laundromat. Not only do our laundry machines take coins and cards, but they also use soft water and high heat. Because we're always striving to make our facility better, we make sure that each washer and dryer works properly for use.

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